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Ako Nalang [03 Oct 2013|03:25am]

Sana Ikaw nalang noon
Sana ikaw nalang ngayon
bukas ikaw nalang ang akin.

Kahit isang beses lang.
Gusto ko matikman ang iyong halik.
O di kaya sana ako naman ang kinekwento mo.
Pero malamang hindi sa akin.

Mahal kita.
Araw-Araw mahal kita.
Pero hindi mo ako gusto.
Maaaring gusto mo ako pero hindi mo pa alam.

Kahit isang beses lang.
Tapos ako naman walang hanggan.
Ikaw pa rin ang nasa isip.
Ikaw pa rin ang nais mapakasalan.

Sana ako nalang noon.
Sana ako nalang ngayon.
Bukas ako nalang ang sayo.

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Issues [16 Aug 2013|05:54am]

I have a lot of issues but I am generally a happy person. And when I'm sad, I really make an effort to not let my mood affect the people around me.

I have a lot of issues but who doesn't? It's either you erase all of these issues instantly or not. It's either I erase all of your issues or not. I really wish you'd let me.

I have a lot of issues and I know you can be the one who can make me forget. It's sad because I know that I'm the only one thinking about it I'm just a faceless name.

I have a lot of issues and I really wish you'd like me too.

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[28 Jul 2013|07:48pm]
The highest point is when you finally do it. Everything goes downhill from there
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Last-ditch effort [28 May 2013|08:39pm]
Pag may sinulatan ka: at hindi sumagot, wag nang pilitin
Pero pag may nagsabi sayo na hindi naman niya nabasa
Ibang usapan na yun.

Huling subok na. Pag hindi pa rin, hindi naman ako tanga para mag isip na mamilit pa.
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Find those words [17 May 2013|05:28am]
I was about to say something
then I lost it in my head
It was important and profound
or it wasn't, if i did forget

I've decided not to pursue
because my brain is throbbing fast
my heart is just too stupid
to know these feelings will not last

*and I don't care that I do mind
me holding back, so far behind
and I don't get it that it's so clear
losing me is not something you'd fear

**Because i know you won't leave me ever
Because I know you won't treat me like shit
Even if i did find those words
You couldn't resist me, you have to admit

I was about to do something
then I got hit in the head
It was brave and and all important
if i fucked up I'd be dead

I've decided to pursue
because life goes by so fast
and you are just too stupid
to think these feelings will not last
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[18 Feb 2013|05:14pm]
so dissatisfied with my bands right now.
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Kailangan Love? [06 Jan 2013|03:44am]
Pwede bang magkagusto ako nang hindi naman seryosohan? Pwede mo ba ako tulungan kahit di ko naman sobrang gusto? Tangina gusto kong sumabak sa laban nang hindi masyadong napag-iisipan ang mga kahihinatnan. Para alam ko. Para masubukan ko. Para di ako magsisi. Hindi kita pagsisisihan.
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TY [20 Dec 2012|09:27pm]
Salamat kay Melanie, ang bilis ng biyahe, ako'y nakauwi na.
Salamat kay Roberta, miss na miss kita kahit di ka na babalik.
Salamat kay Fruhlein, dahil sayo di na ako masyadong madrama.
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bago [11 Dec 2012|05:20am]
i was happy to see your name

and i took the time to answer
your questions

extreme weather discussions

no response
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LJ is the new twitter: [27 Nov 2012|11:35pm]
STILL is the keyword.
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Team Freemarket and Team Mariposa [23 Nov 2012|06:48am]
I am literally crying tears of joy right now because I just received an email from my bosses that it's ok for me to not reach 40 hours this week because rest is more important. i love them to bits.

Also, I love Direk Richard Somes. He fed his sound and music team with home cooked food and north park dimsum. I also met some new awesome people at his house.

I also learned the past week to sometimes say no to music projects. I am so fully booked the next few weeks, I think I'm gonna die.

1. Music for Metta's new play: 3 songs
2. Mariposa Final Strech
3. Morg Recording at Blueberri
4. Freemarket Article and Marketing Strategy Deadlines
5. Zig's wedding: I'm going to play guitar for Bea Fabros
6. Shirley Photo Shoot
7. Rehearsal for Shirley back up singer and keyboardist
8. Shirley Album Launch
9. Record Danjo's song
10. Record Jorem's song
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Music [19 Nov 2012|06:24am]

I am a full time musician. I should be happy, and I actually am. I am grateful for all the things that I have. :-)

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On our way to Pinoy Penguin [11 Oct 2012|04:20am]
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THE COLOURIST! [20 Jun 2012|02:03pm]
One of my favorite new bands. :D
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Rereading A Song of Ice And Fire: A Game of Thrones - Danaerys I [06 May 2012|11:23pm]
I was supposed to include two chapters in this post but found out that this was a lengthy one. I completely forgot about reading Dany's first chapter and this time enjoyed it more because of all the details that I had overlooked during my first reading:

SpoilersCollapse )
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Rereading A Song of Ice And Fire: A Game of Thrones - Catelyn I [29 Apr 2012|05:51pm]
(Warning: Don't continue reading if you haven't read the books yet - Spoiler Alert)

HighlightsCollapse )

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Rereading A Song of Ice And Fire: A Game of Thrones - Bran I [28 Apr 2012|01:39am]
  Jon’s eyes were a grey so dark they seemed almost black, but there was little they did not see. He was of an age with Robb, but they did not look alike. Jon was slender where Robb was muscular, dark where Robb was fair, graceful and quick where his half brother was strong and fast.

I didn't notice this comparison between Robb and Jon during my first read. This is very interesting for me especially that it supports the "R+L=J" theory.

One more thing I didn't really pay attention to was this:

  His father knelt and groped under the beast’s head with his hand. He gave a yank and held it up for all to see. A foot of shattered antler, tines snapped off, all wet with blood.
  A sudden silence descended over the party. The men looked at the antler uneasily, and no one dared to speak. Even Bran could sense their fear, though he did not understand.

So it was also not an ordinary deer that killed the not so ordinary wolf. Hmmm :D
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It just hit me. [29 Mar 2012|03:07am]
I know what I have to do. :) happy day.
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Ang Bandang Shirley Performed at a Wedding Beside the Lake [25 Mar 2012|05:06pm]

1. Sa Madaling Salita
2. Iyong
3. Patintero, Habulan, Larong Kalye
4. Nakauwi Na
5. Themesong
6. Baliktad
7. Wealth of Nations

1. Mushaboom by Feist
2. Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. Neighborhood#1 Tunnels by Arcade Fire
4. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
5. Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now by Jefferson Starship
6. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
7. 7/4 Shoreline by Broken Social Scene
8. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
9. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns n Roses
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Weekly Albums 2011 Recap [31 Dec 2011|04:31am]

11. American Football - American Football - December 27 - January 1 (4/5)
12. Norah Jones - Come Away With Me - January 2 - 8 (2/5)
13. Giniling Festival - Makamundo - January 9 - 15 (5/5)
14. Gary Granada - Basurero ng Luneta - January 16 - 22 (5/5)
15. Frank Turner - Sleep is for the Week - January 23 - 29 (4/5)
16. Barbie Almalbis - Parade - January 30 - February 5 (4/5)
17. Imogen Heap - iMegaphone - February 6 - 12 (3/5)
18. Our Lady Peace - Clumsy - February 13 - 19 (4/5)
19. Mario Galaxy Orchestra - Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack - February 20 - 26 (4/5)
20. Drake - Thank Me Later - February 27 - March 5 (5/5)
21. Musical O - Debutante - March 6 - 12 (4/5)
22. Dntel - Dumb Luck - March 13 - 19 (3/5)
23. Hannah + Gabi - Haha Yes - March 20 - 26 (4/5)
24. Musiq Soulchild - Aijuswanaseing - March 27 - April 2 (3/5)
25. Radiohead - The King of Limbs - April 3 - 9 (3/5)
26. Suneohair (スネオヘアー) - スネスタイル - April 10 - 16 (3/5)
27. Twin Lobster - The Wait of the Entire World - April 17 - 23 (4/5)
28. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black - April 24 - 30 (4/5)
29. Lite - Filmlets - May 1 - 7 (3/5)
30. The Brew - Kahit Saan - May 8 - 14 (4/5)
31. Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae - May 15 - 21 (4/5)
32. The Dø - A Mouthful - May 22 - 28 (3/5)
33. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light - May 29 - June 4 (5/5)
34. Rivermaya - Tuloy Ang Ligaya - June 5 - 11 (4/5)
35. Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys - June 12 - 18 (4/5)
36. Ramona Falls - Intuit - June 19 - 25 (4/5)
37. Big Hat Gang - || - June 26 - July 2 (5/5)
38. KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope - July 3 - 9 (4/5)
39. The Coast - Expatriate - July 10 - 16 (4/5)
40. Death Cab For Cutie - Codes and Keys - July 17 - 24 (5/5)
41. Eraserheads - Bananatype - July 25 - 31 (3/5)
42. Fugees - The Score - August 1 - 7 (4/5)
43. Loney, Dear - Loney, Noir - August 8 - 14 (4/5)
44. Mikko Quizon - Faesongs - August 15 - 21 (4/5)
45. John Mayer - Battle Studies - August 22 - 28 (4/5)
46. Mae - Singularity - August 29 - September 3 (3/5)
47. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver - September 4 - 10 (3/5)
48. Ivan Theory - Inspire - November 21 - 27 (4/5)
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